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The Birdshot Community

There are special online gatherings for Canadian birdies. The April 25th conversation was led by BUSNA Board Member for Canada, Marie Schlorff. BUSNA's President, Christine Griffith and Board Member Andrea Munk also joined in as guests. Canadian Birdies who would like to participate in future zoom gatherings are asked to email BUSNA. Marie will be in touch!

Canadian birdies living in Central/Mountain time zones are also invited to join the June 22 gathering. See our home page for registration details.

In other news, BUSNA has sent an email to each of Dr. Aubin's patients inviting them to join our community. 


Birdshot Uveitis in Canada

Dr Marie-Josee Aubin of the University of
Montreal Department of Ophthalmology is currently performing Birdshot Uveitis research using multimodal imaging and electrophysiology. She is also involved in establishing a Biobank for Uveo-Retinal Diseases. BUSNA has contributed to this research. Look for more details soon!  


Are you looking for a birdshot uveitis specialist in Canada?  You may wish to consider these leading clinics in Toronto and Montreal.


 Patient Resources – Vista Eye Centre (

Marie-Josée Aubin - Département d'ophtalmologie - Université de Montréal (

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